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Word Example of - darkness

    Example Sentences for darkness

    The darkness was so intense that it could be felt like a mist.

    For all they knew they might in the darkness have been strolling into a town.

    When he awoke, he found that the room was in darkness; it must have been night for several hours.

    That he had gotten it as a reward for some deed of darkness he did not doubt.

    He says, 'To the upright there ariseth light in the darkness.'

    Here he saw a flight of wooden steps which led downwards into darkness.

    The darkness added a certain wild charm and mystery to it all.

    In the darkness she sat up listening until the quarter chimed.

    The hour, too, is unfortunate—the darkness—your shifting, mysterious light.

    For three days and three nights of silence and darkness he journeyed on.

Word Origin & History of - darkness

    Word Origin & History

    darkness O.E. deorcnysse, from dark + -ness. Figurative use is recorded from mid-14c.