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Word Example of - darling

    Example Sentences for darling

    Oh, if any harm should befall her beautiful, darling Flossy!

    "You are a philosopher, my darling Louis, and that must be the reason," added Felix.

    I love you too well to respect you, darling, replied Jasper.

    "My darling, you must not take it so to heart," he entreats.

    Darling, you're too tired—see, you can hold his hand across my shoulder.

    Darling, informed of these proceedings, withdrew his name as patron.

    You're a little nervous, darling, that's all—and you see, I'm all right.

    And in his confusion, turning to his wife, "Couldn't you, my darling?"

    And the Fairy Blackstick said, 'Bless you, my darling children!

    Certainly, darling; you have given exactly the proper reply.

Word Origin & History of - darling

    Word Origin & History

    darling O.E. deorling, double dim. of deor "dear." The vowel shift from -e- to -a- (16c.) is usual for -er- followed by a consonant. "It is better to be An olde mans derlyng, than a yong mans werlyng" (1562).

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