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Word Example of - dash

    Example Sentences for dash

    I knew it was a crisis, and I carried it through with a dash.

    Beyond his quickness and dash, he had the mysterious faculty of staying with the ball.

    But war now drove the missionary away, as throughout his life war was ever to dash his fondest dreams and ever to drive him back.

    In fact, (p. 108) he had a dash of madness in his composition.

    All the time Reynard casts a greedy eye on some chickens, and makes a dash at one shortly after.

    The voracious shark saw the tempting bait, and made a dash at it.

    She had not given much heed to this, but she saw its justice now in a dash of revealing desire.

    The dash was more fear-inspiring than any threat could have been.

    He could either return and report the disappearance of the enemy or he could make a dash for it and enter Ladysmith.

    But as for her, she preferred not to dash her head against stone walls.

Word Origin & History of - dash

    Word Origin & History

    dash c.1300, probably from a Scandinavian source, somehow imitative. The oldest sense is that in dash to pieces and dashed hopes. Intrans. meaning "move quickly" appeared c.1300, that of "to write hurriedly" is 1726. Sporting sense of "race run in one heat" is from 1881.

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