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Word Example of - data

    Example Sentences for data

    But, as I have said, our data do not relate to some especial other world.

    If his data were correct—and he was certain that they were—he had found his strike.

    In some instances, where data were limited, the results are more or less an estimate.

    Besides, the data for such a volume are for the most part wanting.

    We have not the data necessary for obtaining anything like precise laws.

    It brought with it a new set of data, and a new subject-matter.

    He includes these data in his own summary, supplementing them by information from other sources, to the extent deemed advisable.

    These costs are compiled from data collected by the authors.

    We have not, however, the data for estimating the proportion of each.

    The competitive edge is provided by the intelligent use of data.

Word Origin & History of - data

    Word Origin & History

    data 1640s, plural of datum, from L. datum "(thing) given," neuter pp. of dare "to give" (see date (1)). Meaning "transmittable and storable computer information" first recorded 1946. Data processing is from 1954.

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