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Word Example of - dawn

    Example Sentences for dawn

    On Wednesday the 20th, at dawn of day, some of my people seemed half dead.

    If he should arrive by dawn, that was all that could be expected.

    At last morning broke, and with the first blush of dawn I got up.

    Hour after hour it goes on during the night, increasing as the dawn approaches.

    It began to dawn on the wiseacres of the camp-fires why we were now here and now there.

    It got light directly, and the hills looked beautiful in the dawn.

    At midnight I must take to the saddle, and the dawn of morning finds me in the council-house.

    One morning at dawn a stranger was discovered on the lee beam.

    They had parted her from Love before the dawn of her wedding-day.

    Dawn found “Pills” searching the field of battle for dead and wounded.

Word Origin & History of - dawn

    Word Origin & History

    dawn c.1500, shortened from dawning, dawing (c.1300), from O.E. dagung, from dagian "to become day," from root of dæg "day" (see day). Probably influenced by a Scandinavian word (cf. Dan. dagning, O.N. dagan). The noun is first recorded c.1600.

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