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Word Example of - dawning

    Example Sentences for dawning

    I must bathe my brows in the vague mist, in the fragrance of the earth, in the light of the dawning day.

    But the light is dawning, and it will become stronger as time goes on.

    An hour later he drew his pony to a road gait and lifted his head to the first faint flush of a dawning day.

    But with the dawning of the Renaissance a new spirit in the arts arose.

    The fact was that the prim man was just beginning to have a dawning recollection of the story he had forgotten.

    The other received the letter curiously, and read it with dawning surprise.

    The Rangers reached their destination just as the day was dawning in a cold drizzle from a grey, lowering sky.

    He did not fully realise this yet, but it was dawning upon him.

    Things are better now, however, and a new day is dawning for these unhappy people.

    The day, which was only dawning, still left many shadows in the Rat-Hole.

Word Origin & History of - dawning

    Word Origin & History

    dawn c.1500, shortened from dawning, dawing (c.1300), from O.E. dagung, from dagian "to become day," from root of dæg "day" (see day). Probably influenced by a Scandinavian word (cf. Dan. dagning, O.N. dagan). The noun is first recorded c.1600.

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