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Word Example of - day-and-night

    Example Sentences for day

    Princes and kings are brought there every day, and they are of as good a stock as your physicians.

    The last visit was always at the dam itself, where Jim spent most of the day.

    Night is the same as day to Le Subtil, when Munro waits for him.

    To lay this harvest up, and hoard with haste What every day will want, and most, the last.

    For these men were working night and day now—making their fortunes.

    I make a doubt if there be at this day a greater general breathing.

    This vexed her so mach that she wept day and night about it.

    How have I this day offended you, but in not breaking off his match with Cynthia?

    As it is, I don't see my husband all day, and now I've a child whom I never see at all.

    Scarcely a day passed in which he did not do something new for her.

Word Origin & History of - day-and-night

    Word Origin & History

    day O.E. dæg, from P.Gmc. *dagaz, from PIE *dhegh-. Not considered to be related to L. dies (see diurnal), but rather to Skt. dah "to burn," Lith. dagas "hot season," O.Prus. dagis "summer." Meaning originally, in English, "the daylight hours," expanded to mean "the 24-hour period" in late Anglo-Saxon times. Day off first recorded 1883; day-tripper first recorded 1897. The days in nowadays, etc. is a relic of the O.E. and M.E. use of the adverbial genitive.

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