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The Synonym of - daydreaming (noun)

Word Example of - daydreaming

    Example Sentences for daydreaming

    His daydreaming was interrupted by Captain Jack's commanding voice.

    But Madame Porvis couldn't have told that in her daydreaming.

    They did not know I was not a daydreaming child but a man who told truth.

    Even his masters admitted that, when they weren't carping at him for his daydreaming.

    Up to my eleventh or twelfth year the erotic element in my daydreaming varied with the seasons.

    Before books came into my life, I was given to stargazing and daydreaming.

    Philon came out of his daydreaming to see MacDonald coming into view around the corner of a living room ell.

    Soon he tired of daydreaming and stared stonily out of the window.

    Daydreaming is a sort of play, more distinctly imaginative than most other play.

    The daydreaming is rebelled against as foolish, as puerile, as futile.

Word Origin & History of - daydreaming

    Word Origin & History

    daydream 1680s (n.), from day + dream. As a verb, attested from 1820. Related: Daydreaming (1820).

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