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The Synonym of - dazed (adjective)

Word Example of - dazed

    Example Sentences for dazed

    Rosie, dazed and crushed, stood where she was until the car disappeared.

    I was in a dazed state with fever and quinine and could not help him at all.

    When Mr. Codling was told, he stood for a moment as if dazed, and then asked to be led to Sarah's bedside.

    "It sounded like Paderewski," you stammer in a dazed sort of way.

    The face of Garay paled again, and he gazed at Robert in a sort of dazed fashion.

    He was incapable of thinking just then; he was dazed, wretched, lost.

    But you were simply in a dazed condition; mental aberration beginning with melancholia.

    A stealthy watchfulness was creeping into her shrinking, dazed face.

    Dazed, depleted, the girls answers grew monosyllabic, in spite of an air of forced gayety which she strove hard to maintain.

    I stared, dazed, facing the two boys I could have sworn were dead and buried.

Word Origin & History of - dazed

    Word Origin & History

    daze early 14c., dasen, from O.N. *dasa. Not found in other Gmc. languages. Perhaps originally "to make weary with cold," which is the sense of Icelandic dasask (from the O.N. word). The noun meaning "a dazed condition" is from 1825.

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