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Word Example of - dead-ringer

    Example Sentences for dead

    The horse wilts like a rent air-balloon, and is dead without a quiver.

    The fate that was before her was enough to make Clif wish her dead.

    When I am dead, papa, then you will think of me, and do it for my sake.

    Thus easily are blasted the reputations of the living and of the dead.

    When she was picked up she was dead and almost cut to pieces.

    Captain Boomsby claimed me and all that I had, when he learned that my father was dead.

    They ran to her father's bed, and there she heard them say to each other that he was dead.

    I wish he'd—well, it doesn't matter; he's dead, anyway—he's dead.

    Well, henceforth they would have to follow the dead to their graves.

    He did not stir His eyes from the dead leaves, or one small pulse Of joy he might have felt.

Word Origin & History of - dead-ringer

    Word Origin & History

    dead O.E. dead, from P.Gmc. *dauthaz, from PIE *dheu-. Meaning "insensible" is first attested early 13c. Of places, meaning "inactive, dull," it is recorded from 1580s. Used from 16c. in adj. sense of "utter, absolute, quite." Dead heat is from 1796. Dead soldier "emptied liquor bottle" is military slang from 1913. Dead on is 1889, from marksmanship; dead drunk first attested 1599; dead duck is from 1844. Dead letter is from 1703, used of laws lacking force as well as uncollected mail. Phrase in the dead of the night first recorded 1540s."For but ich haue bote of mi bale I am ded as dorenail" (c.1350).

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