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Word Example of - deadline

    Example Sentences for deadline

    There would be exactly one hour's supply of oxygen when he was thrown out and it still lacked five minutes of the deadline.

    Just like you always were—plus fifteen seconds on the deadline.

    Their deadline for establishing residence was up that night.

    H will never again fall in for roll call on this side of the deadline.

    It seemed as if we had shipped all the human dregs of the San Francisco deadline.

    Now, the others have set a time limit, and the deadline is very close.

    He had been given a deadline by the mayor and the citizen's group.

    "If you have a deadline on the place you ought to put up a sign," she told him.

    "I'm going to set up a deadline for you critters," Duncan called out.

    However, we are not quite prepared to admit that thirty-two is the deadline.

Word Origin & History of - deadline

    Word Origin & History of - deadline

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