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Word Example of - deadly

    Example Sentences for deadly

    Deadly pale, as if ready to sink, he tottered towards the door.

    I am doing this because I think Fleckenstein's election will do the valley a deadly wrong.

    He stopped on glancing at Jimmy; the young man's eyes were deadly.

    And Clif had foiled the plot, and had been Ignacio's deadly enemy ever since.

    As he went on he warmed a little, and the deadly feeling of despair began to leave him.

    And the blow might have fallen; Clif's only warning of his deadly peril.

    The Cobra haje of Egypt, the most deadly reptile in that country, whose figure was worn as the head-dress of kings and queens.

    And on the island of Cuba, the stronghold of their deadly enemies!

    A ring was formed, and preparations made for the deadly encounter.

    The points of the arrows are tipped with the deadly wourali or urali poison.

Word Origin & History of - deadly

    Word Origin & History

    deadly O.E. deadlic "mortal," also "causing death," from dead (q.v.). Meaning "having the capacity to kill" is from late 14c.

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