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Word Example of - death

    Example Sentences for death

    And this would certainly happen to him on his mother's death.

    He started out into the street and the two jumped him and started to stab him to death.

    They shewed to every guest a skeleton: this, according to some, was to make them think of death.

    That flag it heap pretty but wherever Injun see it he see sorrow and death for Injun.

    After a death the friends of the family should call in person inside of a month.

    Rival is equal, and love like death an universal leveller of mankind.

    Elizabeth, Queen is said to have been warned of her death by the apparition of her own double.

    He wrote another poem on the death of the duke of Gloucester.

    It opens with the death of Mirabeau and closes with the death of Napoleon.

    The Directions for Servants was printed soon after his death.

Word Origin & History of - death

    Word Origin & History of - death

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