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The Synonym of - deathless (adj)

Word Example of - deathless

    Example Sentences for deathless

    Her love was deathless: how could she know that his was mortal?

    Shame that the deathless Church of God should have been brought to such a pass!

    I put forth my hand: it closed on the hand of Lona, firm and soft and deathless.

    He departed, professing over and over again his deathless gratitude.

    If he was not to see the rich fields of Phthia, his was to be, at least, a deathless renown.

    Woven of her tenderness, it sparkles with man's deathless gratitude.

    This mission of deathless fame was even then more than a century old.

    I recognized this deathless line as the curtain speech and crawled to my feet.

    The deathless loyalty and unbounded pride of the Glen folk rebuked him, without their knowing, for the dishonour he had done them.

    Find out from Koshchei the Deathless whence he got so good a steed.

Word Origin & History of - deathless

    Word Origin & History of deathless

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