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Word Example of - debacle

    Example Sentences for debacle

    Then more trees came smashing through, followed by muddy tides of driftwood, and as suddenly the debacle ceased.

    The debacle of Russia was ever before the eyes of these nations.

    It hardly occurred to him to speculate that anyone might be left alive on the scene of the debacle.

    Some place in that debacle there lay his own responsibility.

    How long would it be before we reached this stage of debacle?

    That was one way of putting it, but both Joe and the newscaster who had covered the debacle knew the reality of the situation.

    The debacle that follows his return to India with so impossible a bride is told in a way that convinces.

    The initial bitterness which followed the debacle of 1955 had passed, we were glad to see.

    At last they have me, these English, may have been his thought that evening as he spurred his horse out of the debacle.

    Bruce Gordon looked at the debacle left behind the drunken, looting mob.

Word Origin & History of - debacle

    Word Origin & History

    debacle "disaster," 1848, fig. use of Fr. débâcle "breaking up of ice on a river," extended to the violent flood that follows when the river ice melts in spring, from débâcler "to free," from M.Fr. desbacler "to unbar," from des- "off" + bacler "to bar," from V.L. *bacculare, from L. baculum "stick." Sense of "disaster" was present in Fr. before Eng. borrowed the word.

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