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Word Example of - debarkation

    Example Sentences for debarkation

    As once more the great river settled into calm, the work of debarkation went on.

    There is a concentration of dishonesty at the ports of embarkation and debarkation.

    He had to risk the confusion of a debarkation, the despotism of the tides, and the caprice of the winds.

    The debarkation of the troops will be covered by the cannon of the vessels.

    The next afternoon, Webster and Doctor Gurley started for their point of debarkation.

    The debarkation is said to have been a most splendid affair.

    It was winter, and the day of their debarkation was cold and rainy.

    The debarkation at an end, the Brooklyn returned to her position on the blockade.

    So disorderly was the mob that the debarkation was for some time delayed.

    This decided, a point of debarkation was selected at Daiquiri.

Word Origin & History of - debarkation

    Word Origin & History

    debark 1650s, from Fr. débarquer, from de- (O.Fr. des-; see dis-) + barque "bark" (see bark (n.2)).

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