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Word Example of - debate

    Example Sentences for debate

    After the speeches from the opener and the opposition, the debate proceeded with enthusiasm.

    The debate in Congress was hot through the winter and spring of 1854.

    For him the field of debate includes not only science, arts, and literature, but physical qualities and morals.

    Her forces were that part of the Society which had voted against the Debate.

    The debate was continued for many days, during which the speech of Mr. Sumner was attacked and defended.

    Miss MacLauren was right about it; the debate did not take place.

    But the debate in the Chambers soon destroyed the precarious harmony of the Cabinet.

    Roosevelt took up the debate as though nothing had interrupted it.

    It seems to have been willingly kept in the background by the leaders of debate on both sides; but it was there.

    Their action was the cause of much comment in the newspapers, and debate in the council.

Word Origin & History of - debate

    Word Origin & History

    debate c.1300, from Fr. debattre (13c.), orig. "to fight," from de- "down, completely" + batre "to beat."

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