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Word Example of - debilitate

    Example Sentences for debilitate

    Many suppose that a warm bath exposes a person more readily to take cold; and that it tends to debilitate the system.

    Even tea and coffee, the common beverages of all classes of people, have a tendency to debilitate the digestive organs….

    He was one of those whom books cannot debilitate, nor a life of study incapacitate for the study of life.

    The employment of purgatives is even less rational; they debilitate without affording any relief.

    Of course that kind o' work tends to debilitate the best kind o' money.

    Indulgence, however, should not be too frequent, lest it debilitate the pair and undermine their health.

    Taking hot food or drink, habitually, tends to debilitate all the organs thus needlessly excited.

    I will not debilitate the cook; I will not exhaust the fowl-yard.

    Not even the heaviest thunder showers seem to debilitate their kinetic ardour.

    This is to prevent the free escape of water, which might debilitate the starch-making cells.

Word Origin & History of - debilitate

    Word Origin & History

    debilitate 1530s, from L. debilitat-, pp. stem of debilitare "to weaken," from debilis "weak" (see debility). Related: Debilitated (1610s).

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