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Word Example of - debility

    Example Sentences for debility

    The mitten and overshoe theory may seem to you but a sad sign of approaching age and debility—and so none of them for you.

    A valuable tonic in all conditions of debility and want of appetite.

    In chronic Ague, and in many cases of debility, Iron and Bark may be given together.

    It affects the nerves, causing irritability and debility in them.

    The wretch will tremble, grow pale, and return with a consciousness of his debility.

    This is, generally, the result of debility, or severe labor.

    Here, to recover from a state of debility thus produced, a year's rustication has been found necessary.

    They lead to excitement and debility, sometimes to danger and disease.

    It is also used by way of embrocation to bathe the face and limbs, or any part affected with pains, or debility.

    Debility and ailments are the only things left of my former strength.

Word Origin & History of - debility

    Word Origin & History

    debility late 15c., from M.Fr. debilite, from L. debilitatem (nom. debilitas), from debilis "weak," from de- "from, away" + -bilis "strength," from PIE base *bel- (see Bolshevik).

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