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Word Example of - debt

    Example Sentences for debt

    He is not married and so cannot plead a wife and family as excuses for getting into debt.

    Phil manfully works for a year, cancelling his father's debt, and then escapes.

    “I hope that you are doing well, Jacob,” said I, not thinking of the debt.

    But the history of the action of debt is instructive, although in a humbler way.

    I owe the spirit of my patron this man's blood, and I shall pay the debt.

    The action of debt and the other actions of contract will furnish others.

    It so happened that he had a very good lott, that pay all his debt.'

    The defence in debt where there was no deed was by wager of law.

    They were in debt to Mr. Cocke in a large and yearly increasing sum.

    It also speaks of the debt or "duty" in that case as arising by cause of payments.

Word Origin & History of - debt

    Word Origin & History

    debt late 13c., from O.Fr. dete, from L. debitam "thing owed," neut. pp. of debere "to owe," originally, "keep something away from someone," from de- "away" + habere "to have" (see habit). Restored spelling after c.1400 from M.E. dette.

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