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Word Example of - debut

    Example Sentences for debut

    Invitations to the debut of Lady Muriel were crossing the Atlantic.

    Emma made her toilet with the fastidious care of an actress on her debut.

    I remember a singular incident which attended the debut of a newly arrived company.

    I think that was not so very long after the Mikado made its debut.

    However, suffice it to say that fifty years ago I made my debut as an actor in my native city of Boston.

    Never was debut so successful, as Chloe's first appearance in Camden Place.

    I, myself, remember your father's father, when he made his debut at the Crystal Palace.

    Everything was propitious for the debut party, even the weather.

    The knowledge that the debut party was given to little Judith Buck in no way served to throw a damper on the festivities.

    True, there was still time enough, but the debut was not encouraging.

Word Origin & History of - debut

    Word Origin & History

    debut 1751, fig. sense from Fr. débuter "make the first stroke at billiards," also "to lead off at bowls" (a game akin to bowling), from but "mark, goal," from O.Fr. bot "end." The verb is first attested 1830."Début can only be pronounced as French, and should not be used by anyone who shrinks from the necessary effort." [Fowler]

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