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Word Example of - decadence

    Example Sentences for decadence

    The Greek army was destroyed, and this event marks the commencement of the decadence of Athens.

    Perhaps the dominion of the dead was tottering and was already in its decadence.

    It now apparently occupied some public place, a symbol of decadence, and provocative of the wrath of Heaven.

    The Chestertonian decadence was not even an all-round falling-off.

    The western precincts of the Church exhibit the usual signs of decadence of ecclesiastical power and influence.

    The years which followed the passing of these greatnesses were the years of decadence and eclipse.

    This is matter of painful thought, for it is a marked sign of the decadence of the national drama.

    The Spanish nation itself had conspired, it must be confessed, to that decadence.

    All was done that could be to keep the islands in a state of poverty and decadence.

    All the talk about abstraction belongs to periods of decadence.

Word Origin & History of - decadence

    Word Origin & History

    decadence 1540s, from M.Fr. decadence (early 15c.), from M.L. decadentia "decay," from decadentem (nom. decadens) "decaying," prp. of decadere "to decay," from L. de- "apart, down" + cadere "to fall" (see case (1)). Used of periods in art since 1852, on French model.

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