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Word Example of - decaying

    Example Sentences for decaying

    Duff, duf, n. dough: a stiff flour pudding boiled in a bag; decaying vegetable matter, fallen leaves: coaldust.

    It was heavy with the stench of decaying vegetation, and damp.

    Yet in the beginning of the Twentieth Century he felt himself a bound prisoner in his decaying web.

    I'm glad to get away alive from the decaying millions of oysters at the fishery.

    These poor refugees used to haunt those hideous piles of decaying matter and pick food from them.

    They first removed a layer of pine needles and decaying branches.

    He pointed to the window and the animal sprang lightly in and a minute later perched itself on one of the decaying rafters.

    A part of the water held by the decaying vegetation evaporates.

    If Welsh rabbit lose its flavor, is it a sign of decaying power?

    They were in a forest where the decaying vegetation was as dry as tinder.

Word Origin & History of - decaying

    Word Origin & History

    decay c.1460, from O.Fr. decair, from V.L. *decadere "to fall off," from L. cadere "to fall" (see case (1)). Meaning "gradual decrease in radioactivity" is from 1897.

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