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What is a better word for decease? What's another word for decease? What are 5 "decease synonyms"? How can I replace the word decease? What is the meaning of decease in English?

Word Example of - decease

    Example Sentences for decease

    I have lost no friend by death since the decease of my parents years ago, far back in my childhood.

    When did a great man's heir feel sympathy for his sire's decease?

    In 1843, he resumed the office of "commander-in-chief of the land forces," which he held until his decease.

    But to return to my lady:—She got surprisingly well after my master's decease.

    He was read to almost every day, and dictated a few days before his decease.

    You agree to settle your fortune after your decease, amounting to L23,000.

    And, moreover, she vowed that at her decease she would leave every shilling to me.

    Sir John's authority as her guardian had come into force with the decease of her brother.

    After his decease his estate was put up for sale by public auction, under authority of an act of the General Assembly.

    Five minutes before his decease the manʼs pulse was high and full.

Word Origin & History of - decease

    Word Origin & History

    decease early 14c., from Fr. deces, from L. decessus "death," lit. "departure" (euphemism for mors), from pp. stem of decedere "die," lit. "to go down, depart," from de- "away" + cedere "go" (see cede). Still used with a tinge of euphemism.