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The Synonym of - deceiver (noun)

Word Example of - deceiver

    Example Sentences for deceiver

    He whose eyes are mobile and sharp is a deceiver, crafty and a thief.

    He was no deceiver, nor bloody, nor cruel, like the other Indians.

    The realization shocked him and he felt a hate for Gibson, the deceiver, surge through him.

    You don't mind if I can help prove that someone else was the deceiver, do you, Elinor?

    And she said in a low voice: Better never to be married at all, than marry a deceiver: better far for me, and better far for him.

    He had spoken to him nothing but the truth, yet he could not help feeling like a deceiver.

    But the voice of your deceiver is again heard; and forgetful of your former sufferings, you are again listening to him.

    The deceiver did not mean all this to be taken as a real objection.

    I looked at Father Smith, and silently asked myself the question: Can that man be a deceiver?

    He knows God cannot forsake, and the deceiver of love but deceives himself.

Word Origin & History of - deceiver

    Word Origin & History

    deceive c.1300, from O.Fr. deceveir, from L. decipere "to ensnare, take in," from de- "from" or pejorative + capere "to take" (see capable).