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Word Example of - decent

    Example Sentences for decent

    I have a wish to have wit and to reason about things with decent people.

    "In bed like a decent man if he's to be my husband, which he is," said Miss Junk, tartly.

    It was the only decent bit of time I ever had when I was a kid, with our landlady's two girls, you know.

    If you had come up a little sooner we might have had a decent game.

    She had told him, as she might have told any decent soul, her sad and romantic story.

    But the Bullones were being so decent, taking him in like this.

    Think how impossible it is to be clean or decent amid such surroundings.

    You were giving me a chance to be decent—why didn't I take it?

    It is not impossible to furnish a decent habitation for every productive laborer in all our great cities.

    Not one decent book has been produced on that side for years.'

Word Origin & History of - decent

    Word Origin & History of - decent

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