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"decently Synonyms"

What is a better word for decently? What's another word for decently? What are 5 "decently synonyms"? How can I replace the word decently? What is the meaning of decently in English?

Word Example of - decently

    Example Sentences for decently

    He had his share in the food of the family, and he was just decently clothed, but there was an end to personal enterprises.

    I am sure Jack felt it, for, as soon as he decently could, he got up to go.

    Finally someone was roused to shame and remorse at the piteous sight; he was washed, shaved, and decently clothed.

    On the spot, and thank you, if you can wait till I am able to move about decently.

    There was no snow even, for the wind swept it away as it fell, and we couldn't so much as decently cover him.

    It is to be hoped that, at any rate, she will provide us with decently cooked food.

    I shall have hard work to feed her up and make her decently fat.

    Meaning that they go and come regularly, decently, and in order.

    One more revise—positively the last, if decently done—at any rate the penultimate.

    I can assure you, Anna, it will take me years to get decently established.

Word Origin & History of - decently

    Word Origin & History of decently

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