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Word Example of - decimate

    Example Sentences for decimate

    You wish to shed royal blood and to decimate the nobility of the kingdom, do you?

    Absolute principles create division, and inspire the temptation to decimate, to expel, to kill enemies.

    Cruelty and cunning could not retain them, but it could decimate a population and lose an army in the attempt.

    There is a report, also, that the Government mean to decimate the cowards who ran away yesterday, pour encourager les autres.

    To decimate the guilty would have been to commit a frightful massacre.

    Decimate (decimo, from decem, ten, in Latin) was to take for death every tenth man of a body that had behaved very badly.

    They had, therefore, no fear that the Hungarians could scale the walls and decimate their scanty band.

    The weasel, the owl, and the cat—the terrible cat—are appointed to decimate the population of birds.

    These are the dreaded wild dogs which decimate the game in the jungle.

    But Mr. Downing saw in his attack the beginnings of some deadly scourge which would sweep through and decimate the house.

Word Origin & History of - decimate

    Word Origin & History

    decimate c.1600, in reference to the practice of punishing mutinous military units by capital execution of one in every 10, by lot; from L. decimare "to take the tenth," from decimus "tenth" (see decimation). It has been used (incorrectly, to the irritation of pedants) since 1660s for "destroy a large portion of." Related: Decimated (c.1600); decimating (1660s).

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