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Word Example of - decision

    Example Sentences for decision

    Of this she was sure, that her decision and her pleasure would be his.

    She was quite startled by the decision to which the Spaniard came.

    The portrait was not wanting in force or decision of touch, but the drawing was defective.

    Owen was delighted with the decision of Colonel Shepard when he accepted my invitation.

    In the decision of all questions by the Grand Lodge he is entitled to two votes.

    But such a decision could not be pleasing to Almagro and De Luque.

    The younger members of the Cabinet agreed to leave the decision to Morley.

    He will get his standards for this decision from his nearest social environment.

    Should we dread the decision of this distinguished servant of the Law?

    He had never questioned this decision to the day of her wedding.

Word Origin & History of - decision

    Word Origin & History

    decision mid-15c., from M.Fr. decision, from L. decisionem (nom. decisio); see decide. Decision making (adj., also decision-making) is recorded from 1953.

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