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Word Example of - decisive

    Example Sentences for decisive

    Now she recovered her course and the commander issued his orders from the bridge in a calm and decisive voice.

    It was said that if Gen. Lee had stood his ground, as he might have done, a decisive victory would have been gained.

    In Savoy, in Switzerland, and many other countries the progress of the Counter-reformation had been rapid and decisive.

    But, whatever the method, let decisive action be taken, and taken now!

    The defeat was decisive; it made impossible the great eastern principality which Bohemund had contemplated.

    What must he do to get a decisive share in the surging, rolling tumult about him?

    This was the most important and decisive of the pre-revolutionary tracts.

    With regard to the second series this answer is plain and decisive.

    The wrecking of the army by disease after the decisive battle of July 1-2.

    Davout had been ordered to wait for a signal to make the decisive advance.

Word Origin & History of - decisive

    Word Origin & History

    decisive 1610s, see decide + -ive.

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