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What is a better word for declaration? What's another word for declaration? What are 5 "declaration synonyms"? How can I replace the word declaration? What is the meaning of declaration in English?

Word Example of - declaration

    Example Sentences for declaration

    If not sufficiently definite the declaration is sent back by the Court for amendment.

    If there is any document of Americanism, it is the Declaration of Independence.

    I am not offended by your declaration: I recognize your right to make it.

    But by far the shrewdest blow to the Italianists was Wilson's Declaration.

    He demanded to be permitted to make a solemn affirmation or declaration of allegiance, instead of taking the usual oath.

    He prefers the other branch of the declaration in the Bill of Rights.

    The new-comers all saw that the lovers were sitting hand in hand, that a declaration had been made.

    Your declaration on the inalienable rights of men is well stated.

    This declaration was so unexpected that Thrse could not repress a sudden laughing exclamation.

    Here, Mr. Sherman, let us have your views on this Declaration.

Word Origin & History of - declaration

    Word Origin & History

    declaration mid-14c., "action of stating," from Fr. déclaration, from L. declarationem, noun of action from declarare (see declare). Meaning "proclamation, public statement" is from 1650s. Declaration of independence is recorded from 1776 (the one by the British American colonies seems to be the first so called; though the phrase is not in the document itself, it was titled that from the first in the press).