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The Synonym of - declination (noun)

Word Example of - declination

    Example Sentences for declination

    Then the declination of the sun at that moment would be 15 N.

    You will know whether the star is North or South of you by its declination.

    His declination now, after giving ground for hope, would be disheartening.

    It has also another variation, called the declination, or dip.

    But upon what authority do they suppose this declination of atoms, which comes so pat to bear up their system?

    At that time the declination of the sun is 23½ north of the equatorial line.

    The former part is clearly on the isogonal where the declination is 0, the latter on the isogonal where it is 180.

    The north polar distance of a star is the complement of its declination.

    Moreover, this is consistent with the point of entry which is depicted on the side views showing the angle of declination.

    You will ask, why we take this indirect method of finding the declination?

Word Origin & History of - declination

    Word Origin & History

    declination late 14c. as a term in astronomy, from O.Fr. déclinacion, from L. declinationem, noun of action from declinare (see decline). It took on various other senses 15c.-17c., most now obsolete.