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The Synonym of - declivity (noun)

Word Example of - declivity

    Example Sentences for declivity

    Stepping into the darkness, he fell headlong down the declivity barely escaping death.

    The declivity marks the end of the precipitous gorge of the Niagara.

    A ridge that stands out on its face shews on one declivity a yellowish white and on the other a brilliant crimson.

    The steepness of the declivity made it necessary for Orso to dismount.

    The tradition says that it was on the south side of what is now Leyden street, near the declivity of the hill.

    The declivity of the road was gradually becoming more gentle.

    In this shady and solitary spot, on the declivity of a steep mountain, the cavern of Ataruipé opens itself.

    The declivity on which these woods are finishes in a mountain, which rises above the whole.

    It was built on the declivity of a steep and insulated hill, and strongly fortified by walls and towers.

    He went over the brim of the declivity and began to climb down.

Word Origin & History of - declivity

    Word Origin & History

    declivity 1612, from L. declivitatem (nom. declivitas), from declivis "a sloping downward," from de- "down" + clivus "a slope," from PIE *klei-wo-, suffixed form of *klei "to lean" (see lean (v.)).

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