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Word Example of - decoding

    Example Sentences for decoding

    The human genome project is now decoding the genetic mysteries of life.

    He stumbled on a broken street sign, decoding what was left of it, and considered.

    Decoding is dependent on knowledge of language characteristics—characteristics of known languages.

    They are decoding signalled and written messages, script of every kind.

    It seemed highly unlikely that the electronic brain had made an error in decoding.

    I checked up Betty's "layout" and went over the decoding process with meticulous care.

    The value of such a code was that it was so made up that a decoding book, or decoding wheel, was not needed.

    There is no literacy involved here, and no literacy is expected in decoding the message.

    When he was staying with us he was for ever telegraphing, cabling to America, or decoding messages.

    Half an hour before his death, my uncle was decoding this dispatch in his library.

Word Origin & History of - decoding

    Word Origin & History

    decode 1896, from de- + code. Related: Decoding (1897).

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