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Word Example of - decomposition

    Example Sentences for decomposition

    Fontana was the first to notice the decomposition of steam by incandescent carbon to form hydrogen and carbonic oxide.

    General conflagration may be produced by the decomposition of air or water, 321.

    Having cleared out the egg as far as possible, fill it up with water to assist in the decomposition of the embryo.

    There is some sericite present, also magnetite, resulting from the decomposition of the biotite.

    The decomposition occurs with both the above substances at a heat below that of redness.

    It is also somewhat stained by the decomposition of the magnetite.

    Warmth and moisture are the conditions most favorable to decomposition, and should be especially guarded against.

    A mixture of common salt assists the decomposition of the pyrites.

    Numerian had lain dead a long time; his body was far advanced in decomposition.

    Bears him a daughter, dies in 1863 from decomposition of the blood.

Word Origin & History of - decomposition

    Word Origin & History

    decomposition 1762, noun of action from decompose.

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