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Word Example of - decreasing

    Example Sentences for decreasing

    Well, you are about to get better, my dear child; the fever is decreasing, and your head freer.

    On the other hand the percentage of women able to nurse their children is decreasing.

    This side of the shoe is to be made to correspond with the other, by decreasing instead of increasing.

    These waters were fished so destructively that many of the fish were found to be decreasing.

    We shall see, when the time comes, whether these changes increasing or decreasing the victuals have determined the sex.

    And up she went and down she went, shortening and lengthening, swelling and decreasing.

    This practice of plucking live geese is decreasing and is much less common than formerly.

    I doubt if you realize it, but they have a decreasing population.

    It was swept dizzily round and round in ever decreasing circles toward the middle of the fatal vortex.

    I have spoken of the excentricity of the earth's orbit as decreasing.

Word Origin & History of - decreasing

    Word Origin & History

    decrease late 14c., from O.Fr. pp. stem of descreistre, from L. decrescere, from de- "away from" + crescere "to grow" (see crescent).

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