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Word Example of - decree

    Example Sentences for decree

    Such a decree he could use to any extent to which he could carry with him the sympathies of the people.

    The decree was published at noon and executed on the same day.

    Yet how can I give them an answer, unless by a decree of yours?

    The decree was brought in by Demon the Paeanian, cousin to Demosthenes.

    On the same day it claimed an absolute discretion by a decree that the mandates of the electors were not binding on its members.

    Twice before had they recognised and submitted to its decree.

    Ad militarem honorem nullus accedat qui non sit de genere militum, says a decree of the twelfth century.

    It is a decree of Providence, announcing the end of Ottoman empire!

    Or a doctor, fighting madly against the decree of the Omnipotent, daring to try to stem the flowing tide of death.

    The circumstances were a direct result of the Berlin Decree.

Word Origin & History of - decree

    Word Origin & History

    decree c.1300, from O.Fr. decre, variant of decret, from L. decretum, neut. of decretus, pp. of decernere "to decree, decide, pronounce a decision," from de- + cernere "to separate" (see crisis).

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