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The Synonym of - decrepitude (noun)

Word Example of - decrepitude

    Example Sentences for decrepitude

    At the beginning of the fifth century of the Christian era China had fallen into a state of decrepitude.

    Every one who lived to decrepitude knew that he must expect it.

    In justice to Yudushka it must be admitted that his mother's decrepitude gave him some alarm.

    The Arab, old as he may have been, showed no signs either of stiffness or decrepitude.

    Every trace of the decrepitude and witheredness she showed as she hovered like a film about her wheel, had vanished.

    There was, in fact, no evidence of decrepitude anywhere about him.

    Sorrow and sickness, decrepitude and death never enter; even boredom is unknown.

    Consequently this "blaze star" of 1866 will bear watching in its decrepitude.

    Even the infirmities and the decrepitude that afflicted could not deliver him.

    In that moment he seemed to them decrepitude and weakness personified.

Word Origin & History of - decrepitude

    Word Origin & History

    decrepitude c.1600, from Fr. décrépitude (14c.), from L. decrepitus (see decrepit).

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