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Word Example of - decry

    Example Sentences for decry

    Self-interest, which it is the fashion among Christians to decry in words, while adhering to it strictly in action.

    How often, prythee, have you been in these playhouses which you are so ready to decry?'

    I've heard you decry these snapshot, rapid-transit, tunnel divorces many a time.

    To decry is to cry down, in some noisy, public, or conspicuous manner.

    His work confined him to a few frontier States and Territories, and hence he was a very convenient person to ridicule and decry.

    I do and will defend them: it is the fashion to decry them now.

    The horse-stealing story, more or less garbled, found its way through lips that pretended to decry it, yet eagerly repeated it.

    It has been the fashion of biographers to decry this gentleman.

    They had regarded her liking them as a matter of course; his mother had ignored her even in pretending to decry Dan to her.

    Let no one decry the work as being derogatory to the dignity of man or students.

Word Origin & History of - decry

    Word Origin & History

    decry 1617, from Fr. decrier, from O.Fr. descrier "cry out, announce," from de- "down, out" + crier "to cry." In Eng., the sense has been colored by the presumption that de- in this word means "down."

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