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Word Example of - deep-seated

    Example Sentences for deep-seated

    Those words, striking at some hidden, deep-seated pain in Lydia's heart, caused her to wince and turn pale.

    He realised this, as a dull, but deep-seated pain, caused him to open his eyes.

    For ultimately men were charmed by John, though a deep-seated shyness concealed him from them at a first meeting.

    The country received the news with a deep-seated and sober satisfaction.

    He had learned to understand—and in some measure sympathize with—the deep-seated resentment of the non-psi for the psionic.

    The deep-seated travail of his grief abruptly reached the paroxysm.

    And in that separation is vindicated one of man's most deep-seated convictions.

    It was too poignant, too deep-seated in the springs of her physical being.

    There will be no calm and deep-seated joy, no real happiness.

    The inconsistency is real, out of a deep-seated confusion of mind.

Word Origin & History of - deep-seated

    Word Origin & History

    deep-seated 1741, "having its seat far below the surface;" figurative use is from 1847.