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Word Example of - deface

    Example Sentences for deface

    I am famous practise; for there is scarcely a day when I do not deface God's noblest work for others, or they for me.

    Don't you know it's against the regulations to deface any natural object in the park?

    One stumble is enough to deface the character of an honourable life.

    Take it up carefully so not to splinter it and deface the flooring.

    Certainly the present race of people are unable even to deface them, were they disposed to do so.

    It is probably a tattoo mark, the same as all sailors like to deface their bodies with.

    They are the last we shall give to show the extreme wildness and extravagance which deface the drama of Festus.

    The eager handling by every member of the family cannot soil or deface the cover.

    This artist was so diffident of himself that he used to deface or destroy his pictures as soon as he had executed them.

    And they are features which will deface the best story ever told.

Word Origin & History of - deface

    Word Origin & History

    deface early 14c., from O.Fr. defacier, from des- "away from" + face "face."

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