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Word Example of - defamer

    Example Sentences for defamer

    Hereafter you will stand in the pillory of history as a defamer—a calumniator of the dead.

    A thief, debtor, slanderer, or defamer may become the slave of the one he has wronged.

    You are a property thief, a receiver of stolen goods, a defamer of character.

    I defy the ingenuity of man to show that Mr. Hastings is not the defamer of the service.

    It is not surprising that the eloquent Greek woman thus serves the defamer of her sex.

    Is the opposite extreme to a defamer, for the one speaks ill falsely, and the other well, and both slander the truth.

    Far better it was that the husband should prove the defamer of his wife, than that my darling child should prove a profligate.

    The courts cannot protect from its venom, and to kill a defamer and a falsifier is not yet adjudged as legalized slaughter.

    As an index of public sentiment in the community where the defamed and the defamer resided, I will state two facts.

Word Origin & History of - defamer

    Word Origin & History

    defame c.1300, from O.Fr. defamer, from M.L. defamare, from L. diffamare "to spread abroad by ill report," from dis- suggestive of ruination + fama "a report, rumor."

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