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Word Example of - defeat

    Example Sentences for defeat

    To outwit them was his first thought, but he must defeat their ends if it cost him his life.

    There's no such thing as defeat for him who refuses to acknowledge it.

    I cant see anything but defeat and a second place on the ticket.

    "Defeat does not down him" the Handbook had said; and he was not downed.

    They wished to win, they but could see no difference between democracy and defeat.

    They set out to bore from within, to make victory out of defeat.

    The argument was a telling one, and the princess was overwhelmed by it, and from that moment her defeat was assured.

    The machinery of the councils was set in motion only to defeat their design.

    What is dreaded is the defeat of a present will directed upon life and its various undertakings.

    If he had been your own little Paul you would have loved him even in defeat.

Word Origin & History of - defeat

    Word Origin & History

    defeat late 14c., from Anglo-Norm. defeter, from O.Fr. defait, pp. of defaire, from V.L. *diffacere "undo, destroy," from L. dis- "un-, not" + facere "to do, perform" (see factitious). Original sense was of "bring ruination, cause destruction." Military sense of "conquer" is c.1600.

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