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The Synonym of - defeated (adjective)

Word Example of - defeated

    Example Sentences for defeated

    How they were always put off with promises, and defeated in dialectics and the game of wits.

    A battle ensued, when he was defeated and his band cut to pieces.

    The fight was long and desperate; but the Americans triumphed and defeated Riall and the veterans of Wellington.

    He defeated the Duke in battle, and got possession of the castle of Exmes.

    But at last Eochaid was defeated, and Mider for his reward asked to be allowed to hold Etain in his arms and kiss her.

    In 1690 he had defeated a body of Frenchmen at Block Island.

    At the elections of 1878 and 1882 he was defeated, and thereafter confined himself to literature.

    A battle ensued, and the pirates were defeated; after which they retired into the fort.

    The squadron which was bringing him reinforcements was defeated and destroyed by Admiral Warren.

    The Indians will be defeated, utterly routed, and perhaps annihilated.

Word Origin & History of - defeated

    Word Origin & History

    defeat late 14c., from Anglo-Norm. defeter, from O.Fr. defait, pp. of defaire, from V.L. *diffacere "undo, destroy," from L. dis- "un-, not" + facere "to do, perform" (see factitious). Original sense was of "bring ruination, cause destruction." Military sense of "conquer" is c.1600.

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