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Word Example of - defeating

    Example Sentences for defeating

    If so, there will be a double pleasure in defeating him—eh, Katina?

    You have an unfortunate way, Eileen, of defeating your own ends.

    It played one match game that year, defeating the Portlands on September 8, the score being 47 to 42.

    There is no elation in defeating a driver who lies out on the course.

    Juve succeeds in defeating his efforts, but the criminal himself escapes once more.

    It was Manuel who saved our lives, defeating his own aim to the bitter end.

    Filibustering and delay in the counting of the votes are often the only means we have of defeating bad legislation.

    They may be defeating the very ends they were meant to serve.

    We have a description of the brilliant pageant of Ferdinand and Isabella's entry after defeating the king of Portugal.

    He made his combinations and ended by defeating his opponent.

Word Origin & History of - defeating

    Word Origin & History

    defeat late 14c., from Anglo-Norm. defeter, from O.Fr. defait, pp. of defaire, from V.L. *diffacere "undo, destroy," from L. dis- "un-, not" + facere "to do, perform" (see factitious). Original sense was of "bring ruination, cause destruction." Military sense of "conquer" is c.1600.

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