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Word Example of - defect

    Example Sentences for defect

    This defect can fortunately be corrected by the method shown in Fig. 112.

    Canaries sing well, but the defect of their music is its abundance.

    Deaf-mutism is due to a defect; but the nature of the defect is different in different cases.

    M. Faye has suggested a remedy for this defect in the theory.

    It is also a defect that the definitions do not directly give quantitative characteristics of the spectra.

    The one defect acknowledged by his biographer was his partiality for women.

    This defect is directly chargeable with his illness and death.

    It is well to remember, however, that the defect is not always the woman's.

    The defect in his faith appears in the words, "If they say thus," etc.

    This defect in vision is, however, overcome by the act of "accommodation."

Word Origin & History of - defect

    Word Origin & History

    defect early 15c., from L. defectus "failure, revolt," from pp. of deficere "to fail, desert" (see deficient).

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