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Word Example of - defense

    Example Sentences for defense

    That would expose you to danger without the right to strike a blow in defense.

    The chieftain gave his orders for the defense of the village.

    Did not the People take up the rifles of the Pinda-lick-o-yi for their defense when it was necessary?

    Two hundred infantry were also sent by the Signory for its defense.

    Mr. Simmons gave bonds for his appearance at the trial, and devoted the rest of the day to preparing his defense with his lawyer.

    This line of defense was the theater in which was acted the comedy of the war.

    Every wild animal possesses some form of defense against danger or harm to itself.

    This is done on purpose to prevent me becoming a witness for the defense!

    General (p. 121) Foch, a well-known writer on strategy, had devised his army for defense.

    The tail is the active weapon of defense; with this the animal strikes.

Word Origin & History of - defense

    Word Origin & History

    defense c.1300, from O.Fr. defens, from L. defensum "thing protected or forbidden," from neut. pp. of defendere "ward off, protect" (see defend). First used 1935 as a euphemism for "national military resources." Defense mechanism in psychology is from 1913.

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