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Word Example of - deficiency

    Example Sentences for deficiency

    It was chiefly the deficiency of bread which had compelled the garrison to surrender.

    As early as 1739 there had been a deficiency in the French finances.

    One kind of gag is attributable to failure of memory or deficiency of study on the part of the player.

    But there may be health, and still a deficiency in Energy of Character.

    Where this principle fails, it is not easy to suggest a proceeding that shall supply the deficiency.

    We supplied the deficiency by mixing with them a double quantity of pepper.

    This is, as he himself states, the best possible proof that he was unconscious of any error or any deficiency.

    And the present volume has been prepared to supply in part this deficiency.

    The Tierra del Fuegans had a rare dodge to supply the deficiency.

    In each case the one is there to help out the other's deficiency.

Word Origin & History of - deficiency

    Word Origin & History

    deficiency 1630s, from deficience (c.1600), from L.L. deficientia, from deficientem (see deficient).