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Word Example of - deficient

    Example Sentences for deficient

    Like a physician, he should find the weak and deficient parts and build them up.

    Harry Glen was apparently not deficient in either pride or will.

    And she admitted to herself that the mind of a woman was deficient when she failed to do justice to these performances.

    The new King of Spain was deficient in moral force and determination.

    The inn was of a piece with all those at which we lodged in Dauphiné, deficient in everything for which an inn exists.

    In officers and men the navy was almost as deficient as in vessels.

    I confess that most of "Marmion," as also of the "Lady of the Lake," is tame to me, and deficient in high poetic genius.

    I am not so little of a gentleman as to be deficient in the rudiments of hospitality.

    His conception was apt to be fantastic, while his colouring was vivid to abruptness, and he was deficient in charm of expression.

    I am not clouded with sadness, nor absent in mind, nor deficient in action.

Word Origin & History of - deficient

    Word Origin & History

    deficient 1580s, from L. deficientem (nom. deficiens), prp. of deficere "to desert, fail," from de- "down, away" + facere "to do, perform" (see factitious).

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