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Word Example of - definite

    Example Sentences for definite

    They had no definite views at present on the subject of Imperial Federation.

    Very often these are just the ones for which a definite reason can be given.

    It is some years before we find another reference so definite.

    The p. 23real causes of His Death were the definite sins of lawless, of wicked men.

    It is an habitual way of reacting to a definite and typical situation.

    Gorman's friends wanted my land, a definite, tangible thing.

    A definite coalition, meantime, had been announced between the Jews and the Conservatives.

    “But, Ken, I have come now for a definite purpose,” said Walter.

    But until Charlie's career has taken shape we frame no definite projects.

    The problem before us is, at all events, capable of definite statement.

Word Origin & History of - definite

    Word Origin & History

    definite 1550s, from L. definitus "defined, bounded, limited," pp. of definire (see define).

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